Dear Arranged Marriages

My family is on a mission these days.

To find me a suitable boy. Marriage is the only thing on everyone’s mind. Everytime I talk to my mum or meet my grandparents, or meet that diamond studded aunty at a party who is just looking for gossip, or even the old uncles at work twiddling their thumbs over chai. The inevitable question always pops up- When are you getting married?

Why is it that as soon as we touch 25 (and I’m not even there yet so help me God) we stop being a person and become an advertisement- fair,24,homely,religious,loves to keep house and is willing to give up her life for the next eligible bachelor that comes along?

No matter how this sounds, I am not against marriages. Infact I’m totally sold out on the idea of love and happily ever after. I have been, since the day I read Cinderella. What I am against is how we are being sold on the marriage market – 24-5’1-very fair-loves to cook- 5x kgs. You can’t expect me to announce my weight on the internet dude!

Why can’t the description go something like this? Young, successful 24 year old who loves laughing and talking loudly, experiments with cheese and wine in the kitchen, reads avidly, can be compassionate and bitchy when it suits her, and wants a guy who will love and understand her unconditionally.

But the earlier description is what finds its way up on matrimonial sites and profiles which are furiously circulated amongst relatives. So I have a question today…

Dear Arranged Marriages,

Why are you so scared of the truth?

Please change your ways or we will continue to hate you.

– Disgruntled Me


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