Butterflies in the stomach

Love is a matter of the heart but there is always a point in our lives when we look for a logical explanation to this feeling. Because innocence and the age of 16 is far behind us where we could trust everything that came our way, where love seemed easy, and inevitable, and forever and ever was not just a fairy tale, butterflies in the stomach was a tell-tale sign that brought with it a smile and a leap in our step.

And then there is the skepticism that comes with age, where doubt seeps through everything, decisions seem life changing and are; and you wish you were 16 again.

Because at 16, the world was at your feet. All you had to think about was your next party, or that next date, or the cute guy next door and how you will get him to notice you, and now at 25 you wonder…

You wonder if that Prince Charming even exists, and when he comes along, you wonder more. You wonder if he is the one. If what he has to offer is enough, or if you want more and what that more is. So how sure is too sure? How do you know what “it” is? Are those butterflies in the stomach enough or are we looking for more?

We are spoilt for choices today. We find interesting people in our lives at every bend, and they find us. And they will always be there, but do we ever stop to think, in this flurry of conversation and people who come and go, about what is it that really makes us tick?

Maybe we should listen to the butterflies more.


4 thoughts on “Butterflies in the stomach

  1. i thought the answer would lie is how we look at this in the first place – whether we think of it as blood rush or as butterflies.
    the problem is that both of them are meant to be ‘signs’!

  2. To me, both are the same! I know what Wikipedia says, but butterflies are always nice in a good way 🙂
    And the problem really is that the chatter from everywhere doesn’t let us read the “signs”

  3. Every blossom has its own set butterflies… even after u find the prince charming- there is more butterflies on every stage. Just a thought to ponder- even the best hand-in-glove has some gaps- realize them. Even the perfect fit demands room for adjustment when the occasion demands

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