The Bangalore I love

After a week in Bangalore behind me, I am sitting at the airport and looking back at one of my best trips to this city, feeling happy that I came, and sad that I’m leaving so soon.

I’ve been visiting Bangalore for six years now, and each time I come back, I fall in love again. I fall in love with the tree-lined roads, the slight chill in the air that creeps in by evening, the exciting food, the music that plays on Radio Indigo, the crazy traffic that makes you *beep* *beep*, the laziness.

My Bangalore in pictures

My excitement at visiting the city started every day with breakfast in the office┬ácafeteria, the constant being ooodless of sambhar (which wasn’t sweet) and spicy coconut chutney! And then cups and cups of filter coffee! Imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that it was free ­čÖé Evenings were spent with old friends, getting happy high, and talking in the wee hours of the morning.

I miss all you guys – HP, FD, DD, NS, SLS, SS, KD and Bangalore wouldn’t be Bangalore without all of you!

I want to go back ­čśŽ