My team at work

I work with the Marketing Communications team at a large MNC. Work is crazy because we are only two people in the team and are always trying to do multiple things at a time. This leads to a last-minute rush and crazy deadlines where everything is needed yesterday. Of course I love the madness! My friends in the advertising and events industry would agree.

So we have multiple vendors that we work with for various things such as printing, design, event management and more. We are quite used to relying on them, calling them at odd hours, making strange requests and expecting them to wave a magic wand. They usually oblige and Abracadabra! Its done!

Sometimes, it’s just a voice on the phone and an email id. Although I’ve been working here for two years, there are many vendors that I have never met and wouldn’t realize if I met them in a crowd.

Today was a usual day. We have a conference tomorrow so I was obviously swamped trying to finish a thousand and one things, calling up the printer for last-minute prints. And it just so happened that I had to pick up some material from his office.

I went there and realized that there are five other people who helped finish what we asked for. I’ve never met any of them, barely spoken to some of them and really never thanked them for all their work. And they put in as many hours as I do because they are finishing my work. They were a warm and happy bunch, making me feel welcome with a slurpingly good cup of masala chai and monaco biscuits. It just made me realize that although we are only two people in our team, I have a bigger team to support me and I should remember to thank them more often!