Distance keeps us together.

Ironic isn’t it? But so true. We live in the world of Facebook and Twitter where we are always connected to our closest and most random friends. Faceless strangers know who we spend time with, where we spend our time and what we like to do with that time.
But let’s put a bunch of family members together..and what do we get? Most likely awkward silences, forced conversations and meaningless chit chat. Today this is mostly what happens when families are forced to live ┬átogether. By families I mean kids who have grown up, newlyweds or even married couples who have to take care of their old parents!

What works for such families is a little distance. Spaced out meetings, less frequent conversations, less “interference”, fewer questions is the recipe for happy times. People today are more comfortable with closeness on Facebook rather than closeness in the confines of their home. Status updates have become the preferred way to communicate while “How was your day?” Is met with a sullen “Okay”.

Why are families moving apart to move closer? Why are we forgetting that people are here and now and not just an icon on the phone screen?