Travel Young

This article from Converge Magazine has been doing the rounds on all Social Networking Sites.


I’ve seen it posted multiple times on facebook by friends. They’ve tagged other friends. Enthusiastic virtual hi-fives have been exchanged. Plans have been made. That’s how trips materialize right?


Plans are made, hi-fives are exchanged, friends are asked and then one of them pipes in – But what about work? I can’t take leave right now.¬†Or¬†there is a standard – I can’t afford it.

I would know all about these excuses, because I make them often enough. We all do. Making plans to travel is not as easy as it sounds. Not because of the money, or the company, or the time even. Its difficult because every time you travel, you need a sense of purpose, a sense of urgency to see something new, something beautiful and unique. The feeling that this cannot wait till I get old and comfortable needs to drive you. Because its easier to go back home every day, rather than pack your bags and visit another city or country even.

I’ve been inspired by the article. I hope you are too once you read it. If you still need a nudge, here are some pictures from a recent trip to Europe.



Jealous? Inspired? Excited? All three? Pick a place and off you go!