Me: Sapiosexual

A friend introduced me to a new term which is a way of describing ourselves and we immediately related to it. And then I googled it and found this, and I had to share this with all of you.

“Me? I don’t care too much about the looks. I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay. I want someone who sometimes makes me go oooooh yeeeaah due to their wit and evil sense of humor. I want someone that I can reach out and touch randomly. I want someone I can cuddle with. I decided this all means that I am Sapiosexual.”

So go and Karan for actually finding it. You’ve saved us!



Aptly named, below is a short note by a very close friend – Karan. Beautifully written, he has summed up life in just a few words. I was spellbound the moment I read it and had to share it with you. ¬†I hope you read it again and again, the way I did ūüôā

“Long commute, Traffic, brain dump. Say what you will.

True happiness is the guy with more bottles of beer under his arm than he can handle, the woman with the new shoes, the mother seeing her child eat all he was served.

True contentment is taking a good dump, being in a place where phones don’t ring.

True desire is for a book that massages your soul. A man who listens. And a woman who would cradle you.

True relief is reaching office in time. Even better, not having to go some time. To the workaholic, it’s having finished everything.

True revolution comes from listening to Eminem, Dylan and Lennon. And setting fire to your life’s manifesto.

True life is writ large on the wall of public toilet door. Of loves and lovers that never were.

A true story is a construct. A good story always ends conveniently. A great story lets you think. A phenomenal one keeps you awake most of the night, and then hits you with a blunt instrument in the morning.

A true joke is one that warms the cockles of your heart, and  the perversion in your mind.

True courage is believing. True cowardice is never doing so.

True darkness can visit you in the blinding sunlight. True light may come in a pitch dark room. “

– By the effervescent, adventurous, curious and opinionated Karan Rajpal

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New Year Resolutions or NOT?!

This one is not going to be a long list of my New Year Resolutions but a list of why NOT to have any –

1. They are usually quite ridiculous like “Lose ten pounds in ten days” or “Don’t blow up your entire salary on clothes”! Well who cannot blow up their entire salary on clothes when there’s a sale at Zara?

P.s. My new shoes from Zara. Bought them on Sunday

2. They start and end within one week in to the New Year. I haven’t even started working on the ones that I made last year!

3. I personally hate rules so why should I inflict any upon myself?

4. I have the entire year to make resolutions.

5. Because my birthday is in January *hint* *hint*

Poetry in Motion

In a constant endeavor to lose weight, my new thing is Jogging, or my version of it where I’m huffing and puffing and falling idhar – udhar and basically looking like a¬†dis-coordinated¬†Kangaroo!

So I was talking to a friend of mine who is a Pro and jogs every day – religiously and he described this highly underestimated activity as Poetry in Motion!


Tell me, how would you describe Jogging? In just three words.


Tickled by a twitter stream (TommyWee) that a friend shared with me, I thought I’ll create my own list of the crazy that we women are! My top ten are-

1. #everygirl underplays her sexual escapades

2. #everygirl checks out women (maybe even more than men do)

3. #everygirl has faked an orgasm

4.¬†#everygirl is an attention seeking whore at heart, and hates when its taken away, even if it’s by her BFF

5.¬†#everygirl¬†has kept a count of every single fight that you’ve had with her

6. #everygirl can shower the compliments while thinking РWhat a bitch!

7.¬†#everygirl¬†secretly thinks that “being bitchy” is cool

8. #everygirl wants a gay friend

9.¬†#everygirl has fantasized at least once about her Best Friend’s boyfriend

10.¬†#everygirl deserves to be loved and called beautiful ūüôā

If you have any others that you want to add to the list, add them in the comments section below!