Tickled by a twitter stream (TommyWee) that a friend shared with me, I thought I’ll create my own list of the crazy that we women are! My top ten are-

1. #everygirl underplays her sexual escapades

2. #everygirl checks out women (maybe even more than men do)

3. #everygirl has faked an orgasm

4. #everygirl is an attention seeking whore at heart, and hates when its taken away, even if it’s by her BFF

5. #everygirl has kept a count of every single fight that you’ve had with her

6. #everygirl can shower the compliments while thinking – What a bitch!

7. #everygirl secretly thinks that “being bitchy” is cool

8. #everygirl wants a gay friend

9. #everygirl has fantasized at least once about her Best Friend’s boyfriend

10. #everygirl deserves to be loved and called beautiful 🙂

If you have any others that you want to add to the list, add them in the comments section below!