Aptly named, below is a short note by a very close friend – Karan. Beautifully written, he has summed up life in just a few words. I was spellbound the moment I read it and had to share it with you.  I hope you read it again and again, the way I did đŸ™‚

“Long commute, Traffic, brain dump. Say what you will.

True happiness is the guy with more bottles of beer under his arm than he can handle, the woman with the new shoes, the mother seeing her child eat all he was served.

True contentment is taking a good dump, being in a place where phones don’t ring.

True desire is for a book that massages your soul. A man who listens. And a woman who would cradle you.

True relief is reaching office in time. Even better, not having to go some time. To the workaholic, it’s having finished everything.

True revolution comes from listening to Eminem, Dylan and Lennon. And setting fire to your life’s manifesto.

True life is writ large on the wall of public toilet door. Of loves and lovers that never were.

A true story is a construct. A good story always ends conveniently. A great story lets you think. A phenomenal one keeps you awake most of the night, and then hits you with a blunt instrument in the morning.

A true joke is one that warms the cockles of your heart, and  the perversion in your mind.

True courage is believing. True cowardice is never doing so.

True darkness can visit you in the blinding sunlight. True light may come in a pitch dark room. “

– By the effervescent, adventurous, curious and opinionated Karan Rajpal

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Miserably Addicted

Addiction is easy.

And it’s not limited to drugs or alcohol or cigarettes, as most of us see it.

Addiction can be love, happiness, even misery. Especially misery. How many times have we been hurt or dumped unceremoniously and cried buckets over it? And instead of wanting to feel better, we like to wallow in the misery? Without even realizing it, we love how sadness surrounds us because misery is an envelope of self-pity that lets us elevate ourselves to a pedestal where we achieve a God like status where we are above the world as we see it, and especially above the ones who hurt us.

It’s a bitter truth to swallow but it’s true. And it only takes a moment to realize that we have let ourselves become miserable. That in the misery, we are hurting ourselves more.

It’s not easy because self-pity is addictive. But addiction is an intoxicating mistake. And mistakes have one advantage – they can always be mended.