UNHATING, courtesy Benetton

It’s a happy coincidence that I woke up to a question from a close friend on a Blackberry group– “The most important word in your life” to which all of us said things like Love, Companionship and the like. We sent each other smiley’s and hugs and hi – fives, feeling good about connecting so early in the day, and then went about our own merry business.

So I did my daily things – brushing, necessary unmentionables and then sat down to read the paper with a steaming hot cup of jasmine tea. I was in a good mood and that’s when I saw it – Coverage about the Benetton UNHATE campaign on the first page of TOI.

When Barrack Obama is passionately locking lips with Hu Jintao, on the front page of a newspaper then it’s sure to get the eyeballs!

So why has an organization which sells colorful sweaters and scarves decided to sensationalize political hatred?

Here is when I remember the National Pledge that we were made to recite in school – “India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters…” I’m sure our mums and dads always grilled the importance of peace, love, respect in to our heads every time we fought with a sibling or that friend at school or as I remember stole a Tom and Jerry eraser from my seat partner.

So what happened along the way? To us and these social and political leaders – the bigwigs of the world – the ones that define which way the world progresses or digresses? Well, we grew up!

The tumbles along the way of life make everyone grow up. Power and Money bring out the worst in the best of us. And we stop realizing that the Power of Love is bigger than the Power of Hatred. And it does take only a second to smile and extend a hand of friendship and love. But we don’t do it, because of our larger than size egos.

So Dear Benetton, inspired by your sensational advertising (which I love BTW) I would like to UNHATE some people in my life:

– RS you were a bitch in school, and you tried really hard to cause rifts between two best friends but now I realize that it was your immaturity and insecurity that led you to do those evil things. I UNHATE you today.

– UG I’ve always hated you for your meanness towards my little sister. But you are an insignificant part of our lives now. I UNHATE you.

Wow, that’s a revelation! There are only two that came to my mind when I tried to come up with a list of people I hate with a vengeance.

So is there anyone that you would like to Unhate?

*Picture courtesy: United Colors of Benetton