Distance keeps us together.

Ironic isn’t it? But so true. We live in the world of Facebook and Twitter where we are always connected to our closest and most random friends. Faceless strangers know who we spend time with, where we spend our time and what we like to do with that time.
But let’s put a bunch of family members together..and what do we get? Most likely awkward silences, forced conversations and meaningless chit chat. Today this is mostly what happens when families are forced to live  together. By families I mean kids who have grown up, newlyweds or even married couples who have to take care of their old parents!

What works for such families is a little distance. Spaced out meetings, less frequent conversations, less “interference”, fewer questions is the recipe for happy times. People today are more comfortable with closeness on Facebook rather than closeness in the confines of their home. Status updates have become the preferred way to communicate while “How was your day?” Is met with a sullen “Okay”.

Why are families moving apart to move closer? Why are we forgetting that people are here and now and not just an icon on the phone screen?

My team at work

I work with the Marketing Communications team at a large MNC. Work is crazy because we are only two people in the team and are always trying to do multiple things at a time. This leads to a last-minute rush and crazy deadlines where everything is needed yesterday. Of course I love the madness! My friends in the advertising and events industry would agree.

So we have multiple vendors that we work with for various things such as printing, design, event management and more. We are quite used to relying on them, calling them at odd hours, making strange requests and expecting them to wave a magic wand. They usually oblige and Abracadabra! Its done!

Sometimes, it’s just a voice on the phone and an email id. Although I’ve been working here for two years, there are many vendors that I have never met and wouldn’t realize if I met them in a crowd.

Today was a usual day. We have a conference tomorrow so I was obviously swamped trying to finish a thousand and one things, calling up the printer for last-minute prints. And it just so happened that I had to pick up some material from his office.

I went there and realized that there are five other people who helped finish what we asked for. I’ve never met any of them, barely spoken to some of them and really never thanked them for all their work. And they put in as many hours as I do because they are finishing my work. They were a warm and happy bunch, making me feel welcome with a slurpingly good cup of masala chai and monaco biscuits. It just made me realize that although we are only two people in our team, I have a bigger team to support me and I should remember to thank them more often!

Travel Young

This article from Converge Magazine has been doing the rounds on all Social Networking Sites.


I’ve seen it posted multiple times on facebook by friends. They’ve tagged other friends. Enthusiastic virtual hi-fives have been exchanged. Plans have been made. That’s how trips materialize right?


Plans are made, hi-fives are exchanged, friends are asked and then one of them pipes in – But what about work? I can’t take leave right now. Or there is a standard – I can’t afford it.

I would know all about these excuses, because I make them often enough. We all do. Making plans to travel is not as easy as it sounds. Not because of the money, or the company, or the time even. Its difficult because every time you travel, you need a sense of purpose, a sense of urgency to see something new, something beautiful and unique. The feeling that this cannot wait till I get old and comfortable needs to drive you. Because its easier to go back home every day, rather than pack your bags and visit another city or country even.

I’ve been inspired by the article. I hope you are too once you read it. If you still need a nudge, here are some pictures from a recent trip to Europe.



Jealous? Inspired? Excited? All three? Pick a place and off you go!





Sunday brunch

Its been a while and this time I come bearing food. Sunday shenanigans with the sister led to some mind blowing brunch. And it was so simple. I made crepes stuffed with oyster mushrooms, cucumber, capsicum and sushi rice. Here you can make it too –

The crepes are relatively simple to make. I got the recipe from here. I tried an eggless recipe since we didn’t have eggs in the refrigerator. And stuffed them. 



– Heat oil in a pan, add chopped green chilies, finely chopped garlic, oyster mushrooms and stir fry. Add some Teriyaka sauce, honey, salt and pepper. Once the mushrooms are cooked (takes one minutes), take it off the heat.

– Add finely sliced cucumber and capsicum to this mixture

– Cook sushi rice separately and set aside

Now that the stuffing is complete, take a crepe, add a layer of the mushroom mixture, and another layer of sushi rice and fold them. Of course, you can be as creative as you want and add scrambled egg, berries, some raw mango, paneer etc.


Its healthy and super quick!


That kind of a friend

This post is dedicated. To that kind of a friend.

At 25, I never thought I’d be writing one about my best friend. Because I’ve made so many over the last couple of  years and they all mean so much and also because it just seems a tad silly to go gushing about your best friend like you did in school. I almost feel like a five year old coming home and telling mommy all about how my best friend got the most amazing eraser shaped like an ice cream cone to school!

But gushing I am. Because she deserves gushing. Because something big is happening. Because over the last seven years that I’ve known her, she has gushed every time I’ve had news. Doesn’t matter how big or small my news is. It could just quite simply be that I fit into a dress which was two sizes smaller a few months ago (although that has never happened to me) or it could be as big as me getting a boyfriend! She never fails to gush and be excited and soooooper happy (as she puts it) about anything and everything that happens in my life.

But she isn’t all gush. She’s also the warm I-will-give-you-a-bear-hug so big that you will stop crying and I-will-listen-to-you-whine about inconsequential stuff all night long without complaining.

And its not just with me. I know at least ten other people that she does all of this with. Because she is that kind of a friend.

Her name is Siddhi and most of you who follow my blog would know her because she is bloody important to me. If you are reading this and you know her, I’d love to hear what else you love about her, apart from the fact that she is absofuckinglutely awesome!!

Me: Sapiosexual

A friend introduced me to a new term which is a way of describing ourselves and we immediately related to it. And then I googled it and found this, and I had to share this with all of you.

“Me? I don’t care too much about the looks. I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay. I want someone who sometimes makes me go oooooh yeeeaah due to their wit and evil sense of humor. I want someone that I can reach out and touch randomly. I want someone I can cuddle with. I decided this all means that I am Sapiosexual.”

So go urbandictionary.com and Karan for actually finding it. You’ve saved us!


Aptly named, below is a short note by a very close friend – Karan. Beautifully written, he has summed up life in just a few words. I was spellbound the moment I read it and had to share it with you.  I hope you read it again and again, the way I did 🙂

“Long commute, Traffic, brain dump. Say what you will.

True happiness is the guy with more bottles of beer under his arm than he can handle, the woman with the new shoes, the mother seeing her child eat all he was served.

True contentment is taking a good dump, being in a place where phones don’t ring.

True desire is for a book that massages your soul. A man who listens. And a woman who would cradle you.

True relief is reaching office in time. Even better, not having to go some time. To the workaholic, it’s having finished everything.

True revolution comes from listening to Eminem, Dylan and Lennon. And setting fire to your life’s manifesto.

True life is writ large on the wall of public toilet door. Of loves and lovers that never were.

A true story is a construct. A good story always ends conveniently. A great story lets you think. A phenomenal one keeps you awake most of the night, and then hits you with a blunt instrument in the morning.

A true joke is one that warms the cockles of your heart, and  the perversion in your mind.

True courage is believing. True cowardice is never doing so.

True darkness can visit you in the blinding sunlight. True light may come in a pitch dark room. “

– By the effervescent, adventurous, curious and opinionated Karan Rajpal

P.S. Since this is written by someone else its doubly important that you click the Like button if you enjoyed reading this so that my friend knows that he’s quite the writer!