Tickled by a twitter stream (TommyWee) that a friend shared with me, I thought I’ll create my own list of the crazy that we women are! My top ten are-

1. #everygirl underplays her sexual escapades

2. #everygirl checks out women (maybe even more than men do)

3. #everygirl has faked an orgasm

4. #everygirl is an attention seeking whore at heart, and hates when its taken away, even if it’s by her BFF

5. #everygirl has kept a count of every single fight that you’ve had with her

6. #everygirl can shower the compliments while thinking – What a bitch!

7. #everygirl secretly thinks that “being bitchy” is cool

8. #everygirl wants a gay friend

9. #everygirl has fantasized at least once about her Best Friend’s boyfriend

10. #everygirl deserves to be loved and called beautiful 🙂

If you have any others that you want to add to the list, add them in the comments section below!


Butterflies in the stomach

Love is a matter of the heart but there is always a point in our lives when we look for a logical explanation to this feeling. Because innocence and the age of 16 is far behind us where we could trust everything that came our way, where love seemed easy, and inevitable, and forever and ever was not just a fairy tale, butterflies in the stomach was a tell-tale sign that brought with it a smile and a leap in our step.

And then there is the skepticism that comes with age, where doubt seeps through everything, decisions seem life changing and are; and you wish you were 16 again.

Because at 16, the world was at your feet. All you had to think about was your next party, or that next date, or the cute guy next door and how you will get him to notice you, and now at 25 you wonder…

You wonder if that Prince Charming even exists, and when he comes along, you wonder more. You wonder if he is the one. If what he has to offer is enough, or if you want more and what that more is. So how sure is too sure? How do you know what “it” is? Are those butterflies in the stomach enough or are we looking for more?

We are spoilt for choices today. We find interesting people in our lives at every bend, and they find us. And they will always be there, but do we ever stop to think, in this flurry of conversation and people who come and go, about what is it that really makes us tick?

Maybe we should listen to the butterflies more.

Dear Arranged Marriages

My family is on a mission these days.

To find me a suitable boy. Marriage is the only thing on everyone’s mind. Everytime I talk to my mum or meet my grandparents, or meet that diamond studded aunty at a party who is just looking for gossip, or even the old uncles at work twiddling their thumbs over chai. The inevitable question always pops up- When are you getting married?

Why is it that as soon as we touch 25 (and I’m not even there yet so help me God) we stop being a person and become an advertisement- fair,24,homely,religious,loves to keep house and is willing to give up her life for the next eligible bachelor that comes along?

No matter how this sounds, I am not against marriages. Infact I’m totally sold out on the idea of love and happily ever after. I have been, since the day I read Cinderella. What I am against is how we are being sold on the marriage market – 24-5’1-very fair-loves to cook- 5x kgs. You can’t expect me to announce my weight on the internet dude!

Why can’t the description go something like this? Young, successful 24 year old who loves laughing and talking loudly, experiments with cheese and wine in the kitchen, reads avidly, can be compassionate and bitchy when it suits her, and wants a guy who will love and understand her unconditionally.

But the earlier description is what finds its way up on matrimonial sites and profiles which are furiously circulated amongst relatives. So I have a question today…

Dear Arranged Marriages,

Why are you so scared of the truth?

Please change your ways or we will continue to hate you.

– Disgruntled Me

Lust for Life

That’s the title of Vincent Van Gogh’s fictional biography written by Irving Stone.

A couple of weeks ago, I was killing time at Crosswords when I decided to call my best friend and book buddy Shruti. It was her strong recommendation that made me bug the store manager to locate the book which was sitting in a not so prominent corner, and it took him a while to dig it out.

I saw the book, turned it over to read the blurb. The cover page didn’t excite me, and I have never really followed art. Sure, I had heard of Van Gogh.I mean who hasn’t heard of the post impressionist painter famous for “Starry Nights” and “Potato Eaters”. But that was the limit of what I knew about the eclectic epileptic artist.

But why not art and I decided to pick it up. And am I glad I did!

I thoroughly recommend this read just to experience the pure emotion with which its written. A powerful,passionate,inspiring read which makes you sit up and wonder what passion and love can do to a man, when you let it take over.

He was told that he had no passion in life, because he dabbled in so many. He became an art dealer,teacher, evangelist, jilted lover, an almost Jesus Christ and then finally a painter.

A joke if there was one, he lived on his brothers income all his life, and lived for days with no food in his stomach.

And all for his love of art and painting and color. It made me realize how easily we crush our dreams today!

What we don’t realise is that its much easier to live them than to give them up.

For the love of money and the other pleasures (read: Prada,Gucci,Armani and the duplex) in life, we are taught to pretend from when we are kids. We are taught to be what people want us to be. Because its apparently easier that way- trying to read when we want to draw, trying to win a race when we want to learn how to sing, trying to dress up when we want to dress down, trying to give that presentation when all we can think about is that holiday that we had to miss because of this meeting at work.

And for what?! For the dreams that we gave up to live in what we like to call “Reality”.